Granite Quick Sheet

Granite is an extremely durable stone that can withstand numerous things. To ensure your countertops last a lifetime there are precaution and step you can take to best maintain that granite .

Dry Areas :Use a clean rag to clean stone surface with a few drops of natural cleaner, stone soaps or a mild liquid dishwashing detergents and warm water. Beware: too much cleaner/soap can leave a film or cause a streaks.
Bath & Wet Areas: in the bath or other wet areas, using a squeegee after use can minimize soap scrum. To remove soap scrum, use a non-acidic soap scrum remover. Frequent or over use of ammonia solution may enentually dull the surface of the stone.
Recommendation: Every 5-10 reseal your granite countertop if necessary

For Marble Long Term care, Please call the office for more information

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